TickTickTrader's Celestial Cashback Craze!

Orbit the Profit Galaxy with a $150 Cashback Perk – Exclusively for the First 500 Traders

Explore the Trading Universe with TickTickTrader's Celestial Cashback Craze!

The universe is vast and full of opportunities, and TickTickTrader is here to help you navigate the infinite possibilities with our limited-time, exclusive Celestial Cashback Craze offer! For this weekend only, the first 500 traders who subscribe to our 100k Express Account and pass the evaluation phase will be rewarded in addition the refund with a $150 cashback bonus!
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Why TickTickTrader's 100k Express Evaluation Account?
Our 100k Express Evaluation Account is designed to propel your trading skills to new heights while minimizing your risk. By proving your trading prowess and passing the evaluation phase, you'll gain access to a funded 100k Express trading account, opening the door to limitless earning potential.

What's the Celestial Cashback Craze?
As part of our mission to empower traders, we're launching an exclusive, limited-time offer. The first 500 traders who sign up for our 100k Express Evaluation Account this weekend, trade on the account, and pass the evaluation phase will receive a $150 cashback bonus. This stellar incentive is our way of celebrating your success and boosting your journey into the trading cosmos!

How to Claim Your $150 Cashback Bonus:

1- Subscribe to TickTickTrader's 100k Express Account during the promotion weekend.
2- Trade on the account, showcasing your trading skills.
3- Pass the evaluation phase and unlock your $150 cashback reward!

Don't miss this celestial opportunity to boost your trading journey with TickTickTrader's Celestial Cashback Craze! Remember, this exclusive offer is limited to the first 500 traders who get the 100k Express account this weekend. So, strap in, ignite your engines, and launch into the profit galaxy with TickTickTrader!

Please note: Use the coupon code "CASHBACK" to benefit from this offer, and each trader can apply this coupon up to three times.