Chart Your Cosmic Legacy: Enter the Realm of Direct Plans

Prepare to witness a cosmic revolution that will reshape the trading universe! TickTickTrader proudly announces the dawn of a new era β€” the PERMANENT availability of our three Direct plans: 10K Direct Swing, 25K Direct, and 50K Direct.

This marks a monumental leap in the futures trading industry. Join us on this cosmic expedition, where the rules of the trading universe are rewritten in your favor. With a Direct plan, you gain immediate access to unparalleled advantages, allowing your cosmic potential to shine brighter than ever.

In the mystical realm of the Direct Odyssey, we present to you the keys to unlock a universe of possibilities. Each Direct Plan has been crafted with utmost care and tailored to cater to your trading needs. So, let us illuminate the path and reveal the treasures that lie within:

$ 50K
Max Positions
Daily Loss
Tick Drawdown
$ 699
$ 25K
Max Positions
Daily Loss
Tick Drawdown
$ 349
$ 10K
Swing Account
Max Positions
5 Micro Contracts
Daily Loss
Tick Drawdown
$ 229

10K Direct Swing:
As the cosmic curtain rises, the 10K Direct Swing beckons you to join its waltz through the markets. With a moderate investment, you can savor the sweet taste of freedom. Made specifically for swing traders, bid farewell to the chains of limitations. Embrace the rhythm of the trading cosmos and take the first step in your odyssey with the 10K Direct Swing Plan!

25K Direct:
Gaze upon the shimmering constellations of opportunity with the 25K Direct Plan. Casting aside the need for evaluations, it invites you to dive headfirst into the vast expanse of the trading universe. Withdraw your funds as the sun sets on each trading day, ensuring your voyage remains unhindered. Set your sights on the stars as you traverse the galaxies of success with the 25K Direct Plan!

50K Direct:
Prepare to unleash the magnitude of your ambitions with the grandeur of the 50K Direct Plan. Ascend to the celestial realms of trading with a substantial investment, unencumbered by the constraints of evaluations. Chart a course towards triumph and prosperity with the 50K Direct Plan as your guiding star.

The trading universe beckons and the path to cosmic excellence is now within your grasp. Choose your Direct plan, and let the forces guide you toward unparalleled achievements!

Behold the wonders that await you on your Direct Odyssey:

  • No Evaluation Needed: Cast away the shackles of evaluations and revel in the freedom to soar. Your journey begins without the burden of assessments or limitations, allowing your potential to shine unbounded.
  • Data Fees Included: As you traverse the celestial realms of trading, we ensure your path remains clear. Bask in the radiance of included data fees, eliminating the need for additional calculations and granting you the gift of unwavering focus.
  • Withdraw the Next Trading Day: Time is of the essence as you embark on your trading odyssey. With our Direct Plans, the power to withdraw your funds awaits you on the morrow, ensuring swift access to your profits and enabling you to seize fleeting opportunities.
  • Withdraw as Many Times as You Need: Unleash the might of unlimited withdrawals and navigate the currents of the trading universe with unmatched agility. Adapt your strategies, embrace change, and dance through the cosmic tides of fortune, unrestricted by the chains of withdrawal limits.
  • 100% Profits for the First 3 Months: The cosmos align in celebration of your arrival. For the first three months of your Direct Plan subscription, we shower you with a bounty of 100% of your profits. Let this celestial offering ignite your journey and set your course toward a triumphant launch.

Say goodbye to limitations and welcome the limitless potential of direct trading!

Need More Information?

Before you jump in, we want to ensure that you're fully informed and confident. For a comprehensive understanding of our terms and conditions, please follow the links below:

- 10k Direct Swing Account Terms and Conditions
- 25k Direct Account Terms and Conditions
- 50k Direct Account Terms and Conditions

Please note: By purchasing either the 10k Direct Swing, 25K Direct or the 50k Direct Account, you confirm that you agree to the respective terms and conditions. It's important to us that you understand these, so please take the time to read them carefully.
Additionally, please be aware that completion of Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures is required for withdrawal.