Harness the Power of Direct Trading Under the Full Moon’s Glow!

With TickTickTrader’s groundbreaking Direct Accounts, you’re always in for a treat, no tricks!

Direct to Success:
A TickTickTrader Exclusive Innovation!

Trade fearlessly with our groundbreaking Direct Accounts, a first in the industry. Wave goodbye to prolonged evaluation phases and dive straight into a high-octane trading arena, fortified by cutting-edge technology and unparalleled partnerships. Ready to leap ahead? Our Direct Accounts await!

List Of Direct Accounts:
- 10K Direct Swing - Just $229. Accelerate your trading journey!
- 25K Direct - Priced at $349. Elevate your trading aspirations!
- 50K Direct - Only $699. For the apex traders aiming for the stars!

You perform, We pay

Every trade with TickTickTrader is a pledge, an assurance. Our mantra is clear - You Perform, We Pay. No hidden clauses, no dark secrets. Just transparent, timely payouts that honor your hard work and dedication.
With our Direct Accounts, you're not just trading; you're taking the express route to assured success.

Halloween Direct Deals:
Spooktacular Savings Await!

This October, TickTickTrader unveils ghostly savings that'll have traders spellbound! Dive into our Direct Account crypt and unearth offers too tantalizing to resist.

🦇 10K Direct Swing - Originally $229, now a mere $204. Use Code: SPOOKYSAVE25
👻 25K Direct - Down from $349 to a mesmerizing $299.Use Code: SPOOKYSAVE50
🕸️ 50K Direct - A jaw-dropping drop from $699 to $599.Use Code: SPOOKYSAVE100

At TickTickTrader, our mantra is clear as a full moon: "You Perform, We Pay" All treats, no tricks.
But beware, these deals vanish into the ether on October 31st at 23:59 UTC+1.

*Note: Each promo code is a one-time treat and can be used once per user.

$ 50K
Max Positions
Daily Loss
Tick Drawdown
$699 $599
$ 25K
Max Positions
Daily Loss
Tick Drawdown
$349 $299
$ 10K
Swing Account
Max Positions
5 Micro Contracts
Daily Loss
Tick Drawdown
$229 204


  • No Evaluation Needed: Cast away the shackles of evaluations and revel in the freedom to soar. Your journey begins without the burden of assessments or limitations, allowing your potential to shine unbounded.
  • Data Fees Included: As you traverse the celestial realms of trading, we ensure your path remains clear. Bask in the radiance of included data fees, eliminating the need for additional calculations and granting you the gift of unwavering focus.
  • Withdraw the Next Trading Day: Time is of the essence as you embark on your trading odyssey. With our Direct Plans, the power to withdraw your funds awaits you on the morrow, ensuring swift access to your profits and enabling you to seize fleeting opportunities.’
  • Withdraw as Many Times as You Need: Unleash the might of unlimited withdrawals and navigate the currents of the trading universe with unmatched agility. Adapt your strategies, embrace change, and dance through the cosmic tides of fortune, unrestricted by the chains of withdrawal limits.
  • 100% Profits for the First 3 Months: The cosmos align in celebration of your arrival. For the first three months of your Direct Plan subscription, we shower you with a bounty of 100% of your profits. Let this celestial offering ignite your journey and set your course toward a triumphant launch.

Say goodbye to limitations and welcome the limitless potential of direct trading!

Important Notice

With the automatic purchase of any of our Direct Accounts, it is implied and accepted by you that you have read, understood, and agreed to comply with the respective Terms & Conditions associated with each account. Each of our account offerings 25k Direct Account, and the 50k Direct Account - has its own set of Terms & Conditions which detail the scope, limitations, and rules of engagement for the respective account.