100k Express: Your Pathway to Professional Trading

$ 100k
Express Plan


Max Positions

Daily Loss

Tick Drawdown

Why It's Special ?

Cashback on activation fees

Upon account validation, receive a full refund of your $99 initial payment lowering your activation fees from $249 to $150.

Validate and Conquer

Elevate your trading expertise with immediate access to a performance account once validated. Unlock the door to professional-grade opportunities and financial rewards with an activation process that is automatic and instant. This is not just trading; it’s your ascent to the pinnacle of success.


The 100k Express offer is designed for traders who are ready to take on a higher level of market engagement with a $100,000 trading account. It’s ideal for experienced traders looking to expand their portfolio and trading opportunities.

You have a 2-weeks period to meet the evaluation criteria and validate your 100k Express account. If this 2 weeks period pass and the account is still not validated, the account will be terminated.

Upon validation, you will receive a full refund of your initial $99 payment on activation fees.

Yes, if you fail to validate your account during the initial 2-week period, you can sign up for another 100k express evaluation account. Please note that the initial payment for each evaluation period is required to participate.

After account validation, you can withdraw your earnings based on the terms outlined in our withdrawal policy.